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PG302 supported microcontrollers extract from Iguana Labs website

Help me with complete list of microcontrollers supported by this programmer and send it to my email to update this page found in Contact

The PG302 with no adapters lets you program the following microcontrollers:

Atmel: AT89C1051, AT89C2051, AT90S1200, AT90S2313, AT89C4051

Add the ADT87 Adapter :  

AMD: 87C51, 87C52, 87C521, 87C541
Atmel: 89C51, 89C52, 89C55, 87F51, 87F52
Dallas: 87C520
Intel: 8751BH, 8752BH, 87C51, 87C51FA, 87C51FB, 87C52, 87C54
Phillips: 87C51, 87C51FA, 87C51FB, 87C52, 87C504, 87C524, 87C528, 87C550, 87C575, 87C576, 87C652, 87C654

Add the ADT90 Adapter  to program the following microcontrollers:

Atmel: 90S4414, 90S8515, 89S53, 89S8252

Add the PLCC Adapter  in combination with above adapters to program any of the PLCC versions of those chips.

Many AVR chips (2313, 2323, 2333, 2343, 4433, 4434, 8515, 8535, MEGA161, MEGA163) can be programmed indirectly.

The PG302 also supports in circuit programming with the ISP302.